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It’s that time of year again, and with so much choice out there, it can be hard to know what to buy for the babies in your life. Every year there seems to be a new addition to my circle of family and friends and it can be hard to decide what to buy for little ones – do you go with toys or more practical solutions?

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Having spoken to my friends over the years, especially new parents, it seems that anything to help make life with a new baby easier is a winner. A baby sleeping bag, for that reason, is the perfect present. Baby sleeping bags have become increasingly popular over recent years, with more and more scientific research supporting the use of these baby sleeping bags. Babies’ sleep is often sporadic enough as it is, especially in the first couple of years when new parents are trying to create a routine. As a result, any additional disturbance, such as the baby losing her blanket as a result of moving around during the night, is only going to add to sleepless nights. Surveys have shown that babies can be kicking their blankets off from as early as 4 weeks old – add this disturbance a few times a night to already fragmented sleep patterns and you have one not-so-festive family unit!

Baby sleeping bags, however, may be the answer! Parents across the continent have been hailing the baby sleeping bag as the safest, most practical sleeping garment for over 20 years now and UK parents are quickly catching onto this wonderful creation. Health professionals are also supporting baby sleeping bags as one of the safest sleeping devices: The UK department of Health has recommended that babies are put to sleep on their back, and has warned parents to keep an eye on their baby’s temperature to stop it getting too hot, as can often happen with traditional layered bedding. The use of a baby sleeping bag deals with both of these potential issues – it stops babies rolling over on their side or front, and it also keeps the baby at a comfortable temperature all night as the air is able to circulate inside the bag.

Baby sleeping bags are both practical and attractive. Available in a wide range of sizes and togs (so you can choose the correct warmth for the time of year), baby sleeping bags come in loads of different cute designs and colours too. Gorgeous and practical? How can you resist?!

Basically, with a million and one things to do and places to be, (especially at Christmas) sleep is essential, so by giving a baby sleeping bag as a present you will be very popular – it helps babies sleep which in turn allows mum and dad more precious shut eye too! Give the gift of sleep – give a baby sleeping bag.


Baby sleeping bags are becoming more and more popular, with parents today favouring the sleeping bag over the conventional baby blankets and sheets. There are many advantages of using a baby sleeping bag, not least that they are considered safer for the baby.

Baby Sleeping BagsThe tog of a baby sleeping bag is variable and this can be selected according to the time of year or the usual temperature of the room the baby will be sleeping in. In the warmer months of the year, a lower tog can be used of about 0.5 – 1.0 tog while in the winter months a slightly higher tog of no more than 2.5 may be preferable. Once the appropriate tog of the sleeping bag is found, there is no need to worry about adding blankets or sheets to the baby since the sleeping bag is tailored to keep the baby at the correct temperature. Parents can be safe in the knowledge that their baby will be warm enough as they are unable to kick the sleeping bag off which is a common problem with blankets and sheets.

Baby sleeping bags are also very travel friendly so that when you are away from home the baby will more than likely sleep much better as it has the comfort of its familiar sleeping bag and the bedtime routine will remain consistent. The convenience of the baby sleeping bag is a huge advantage to busy parents and as the sleeping bag is machine washable there is no hassle with regards to keeping it clean. If your baby is prone to moving about in the cot at night, the baby sleeping bag will prevent problems like feet getting stuck in the cot bars or baby accidently scratching itself in the night.

Aside from all these  obvious advantages, the main selling point with the baby sleeping bag is its superior safety over blankets and sheets. Unlike blankets and sheets, the sleeping bag material is much less likely to ride over the baby’s head as it is difficult for the baby to slip down inside the sleeping bag due to its snug fit. Blankets and sheets on the other hand do put the baby at a greater risk of suffocation since it is easy for the baby to become entangled in them if the sheets are not secure.  When considering bedding for your baby, the baby sleeping bag should be given some serious thought; not only will your baby look adorable but they will also be comfortable, safe and secure.

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